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News from Beyond North America

The German Lands

(provided by Carol Poore, Brown University, USA)

[Editor’s Note: in Spring 2006 Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ) devoted a special theme issue to Germany and disability that can be found at: ]

There is a huge amount going on now in Germany (and Austria and Switzerland, too) with respect to developing disability studies. Below are a few of the most important initiatives/websites.

The best place to start is with the International Research Project on Disability Studies organized by Professor Anne Waldschmidt at the University of Cologne. This web site contains links to many of the most important disability studies initiatives located throughout the German-speaking countries and also contains information in English.

Furthermore, the Working Group Disability Studies in Germany brings together scholars from all over Germany:

Another important web site is:

The Institut Mensch, Ethik und Wissenschaft is concerned with bioethical issues from a disability studies/rights perspective and has a web site in English:

Transkript Verlag has begun publishing a Disability Studies book series:

bidok is a digital full text library of disability studies/disability rights publications.

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