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Facts On File and the advisors for the Encyclopedia of American Disability History are looking for contributors.

This three-volume reference work will cover basic information on important events, issues, developments, laws, biographies, and related topics in American Disability History. Entries on significant historical themes and concepts—including civil rights, war, public policy, citizenship, media, institutions, education, and technology—will examine both practical and theoretical factors, as well as demonstrate the deeper meaning of the lived experience of disability. Each entry will illustrate the subject within an historical context, and show that while disability has existed throughout American History, disability is neither a fixed nor static concept but one whose definition and understanding have changed markedly from era to era.

Because accessibility is a major issue in Disability History, the entries in this reference will accommodate a broad, diverse audience, from high school students to general readers, to individuals who assist people with disabilities. Clear language, accessible prose, and coherent, balanced, jargon-free interpretations are essential for every article.

The editors of this encyclopedia are currently seeking contributors for a wide range of entries.

The following is a sample list of available entries:

Authors interested in contributing to this important project should contact Dr. Susan Burch for further information and details regarding the full list of entries: s.burch@abdn.ac.uk

Susan Burch, Ph.D., editor-in-chief and DHA Board Member

Advisors (many of whom are DHA members):
Grace Chang, Ph.D., Kim Nielsen, Ph.D., Katherine Ott, Ph.D., Penny Richards, Ph.D., Carrie Sandahl, Ph.D., Richard Scotch, Ph.D., Steve Taylor, Ph.D., Graham Warder, Ph.D., Dan Wilson, Ph.D.

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