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Caveat: not all might be accessible via screenreading software.

Penny Richards (UCLA), our indefatigable collector of articles and information, offers this set of online documents related to disability history in New Zealand:

The Ministry of Social Development's Office of Disability Issues has a webpage summarizing some elements of New Zealand disability history:

A number of early 20th century criminology, eugenics, public health, and hygiene books related to New Zealand are online in facsimile and other formats (some linked to Project Gutenberg) here:

Titles include Venereal Diseases in New Zealand (1922); Mental Defectives and Sexual Offenders (1925), Rout, Safe Marriage: A Return to Sanity (1922); Chapple, The Fertility of the Unfit (1903).

From Europe we have news of a new catalog which, alas, remains available only in print at a cost of 20 Euros plus shipping, though the compilers assure me that they plan a future online version:

The Koninklijk Medisch-Pedagogisch Instituut Spermalie is one of the oldest institutes for deaf and blind persons in Belgium. As it was founded in 1836 by the priest Charles-Louis Carton – himself a bibliophile – the institute consists of a very rich and authentic archive regarding deaf and blind education. Recently the content of this library was catalogued in order to make the archive accessible for researchers or other interested people. The books, journals and annual reports (most of them are international publications) published before 1955 are presented. The catalogue (± 200 pp./dutch introduction) costs 20 euros (exclusive cost of forwarding) and can be ordered by Zuster Denise or Bart Demuynck: bart.mieke@skynet.be

Koninklijk Medisch-Pedagogisch Instutuut Spermalie
Snaggaardstraat 9
B-8000 Brugge
Tel: 0032(0)
Fax: 0032(0)

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